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This is a must for every lash professional, whether removing someone elses messy lash application or just starting over fresh, the gel remover lays on the lash while breakig down the glue. Other liquid removers will run into the clients eye and burn, and will dry out before the  glue has been broke down. With proper removal application, gel remover will help minimize the gel run in client's eye.


  • Make sure client's eyes close at all time during removal application. 
  • If gel leak into eyes, rinse with cold water and repeat step 1.


How to properly remove lash extension:


  1. Apply a thin cotton pad under eyes.
  2. Apply gel remover along the eyelid, place another thin cotton pad on top. Soak for 5 mins.
  3. After 5 mins, use micro brush or cotton swab gentle wipe on extensions. (you will see lash extension start coming off natural lashes)
  4. If there is still extension left, repeat step 2-3.
  5. After remove all extension, use cotton swab to clean and dry natural lash as clean as possible.
  6. Prepared 2 wet cotton ball, give it to client to hold.
  7. Rinse client's eye for a good 1 minute, then have client clean their eyes again with the wet cotton ball that you have prepared for them.
  8. If client's eye burning, simply apply  more water into their eyes. As soon as the water hitting the remover solution, the burn will instantly stop.

Lash Extension-Gel Glue Remover

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